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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Account Information

  • How do I create an eZHealth Account?
    Simply sign up as a patient on the eZHealth website or download our FREE app from Appstore or Google Play store.
  • How do I delete or retrieve my account?

    Send a message to eZHealth@interpharmasolutions.com and include the following details:

    • Patient Name
    • Registered E-mail Address
    • Reason for account deletion
  • Do you accept HMO/Health insurance?
    Right now, HMO cards are not accepted by the platform. We are working on partnerships for HMO accreditation.
  • How do I pay for a service?
    Credit card, Gcash, Maya are accepted by the platform.
  • Covid 19 Vaccination

  • How do I book a COVID - 19 Vaccination?

    Select private companies and LGU can register for a COVID-19 vaccintion. If you are unsure that you are eligible to get a COVID-19 Vaccination, please reach out to eZHealth@interpharmasolutions.com; hotline: (02)82366498 (from Monday to Sunday, 8am to 6pm)

  • How can I reschedule or cancel my COVID-19 Vaccination?
    Your local government officer/Human Resource Manager/Admin Officer should reschedule or cancel your appointment
  • What should bring on the day of my COVID-19 Vaccination
    Bring proof of indentification. Medical clearance if you are under the A3 category. For booster shots, bring your vaccination card.
  • Teleconsult

  • When should I book a teleconsult?

    Teleconsults with general physicians are for non-emergency health concerns like cough, colds, allergies and other illnesses. You may secure a medical certificate and/or prescription if needed. Should you urgently need a doctor, it's best to go to the nearest hospital.

  • How much a typical consult?
    The cost of a doctor consult varies. Starting rate for a General Physician is 300 pesos.
  • How do I book a teleconsult?
    To book a teleconsult, log on to the eZHealth app. Select health services. Disclose symptom/s you are experiencing. Choose your doctor and preferred schedule. Once confirmed, you may settle your payment.
  • How do I cancel my appointment?

    To cancel a consultation, go to the History page. Select the confirmed tab. Choose the consultation you want to cancel. This must be done 24 hours before the consultation. You may also send a message to eZHealth@interpharmasolutions.com and include the following details. Our customer service representatives will cancel your schedule for you.

    • Patient Name
    • Registered E-mail Address
    • Doctor Name
    • Date and Time of Consultation
  • How can I get a prescription?
    If a doctor sees that you're in need of a prescription, it will be digitally provided to you right after your consultation.
  • How can I get a medical certificate?

    This may be requested during consultation. It will be uploaded by your doctor after your consultation.

  • Mental Wellness

  • Who will be conducting my mental wellness session?

    If you are overwhelmed, we can help. "Unang Tugon" is a wellness coaching service created by Haraya Coaching. It provides convenient access to a pool of professionally trained Life Coaches who listen without judgement, empathize and help understand emotions, provide support in manageing stress, anxiety and self care.

  • How long will it take for a Coach to get in touch with me?

    Upon booking an appointment using the eZHealth app, your Coach will be notified. S/he will accept your booking and you will get notification via e-mail, SMS, and in-app. As a reminder, a banner of your appointment will be displayed at the top of your eZHealth app.

  • Who will be conducting my mental wellness session?
    A international board certified life coach will be handling your session.
  • What topics can I discuss with the Life Coach?

    You may bring up any topic that is causing you stress, anxiety, fear, or sadness.
    This may be work-related or personal issues you are facing now.

  • What’s the difference between counselling and life coaching?
    Counselling is focused on diagnosing the patient’s past hurts or trauma, while Coaching is focused on helping the patient to work on their goals for the future and create a new life path.
  • How many times can I book Mental Wellness in eZHealth?
    As many times as you need to. Please note that if the Coach deems necessary, s/he may recommend additional help from a psychologist.
  • How long will the session/consultation take?
    Based on our experience, an average call length is 30 minutes, but this may be shorter or longer depending on your need.
  • Can I be referred to a medical mental health professional if needed?
    A recommendation can be made by the coach but it will be the client's decision to proceed or not.
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